War Memorial

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John BAKER, Pte Kings Liverpool Rgt
Herbert BOYLETT, Pte 23rd Lond Rgt
William BOYLETT, Pte 2nd Middlesex Rgt
Edgar D. BRIANT, L/Cpl 1/21 Lond. Rgt
William BULLEN, Pte Labour Batn
John E. CHANDLER, Pte North’n Rgt
Ernest COLE, L/Sgt Grenadier Guards
Albert COLLINS, Pte 17th Middlesex Rgt
Andrew R. CORNEY, Pte R.A.S.C.
Frederick DAVIS, Sgt R. W. Surrey Rgt
Basil F ELLIS, L/Cpl R. W. Surrey Rgt
Humphrey P. EVANS, Lieut. S.W.B.
Albert FAGGETTER, Sapper R. E.
Charlie FAGGETTER, Sapper R. E.
Reginald FAGGETTER, Pte R. W. S. Rgt
Joseph J. FRY, Pte 8th R. W. Surrey Rgt
Willam H. FRY, Pte 16th Bat. R. W. Fus.
Frank L. FULTON, Cpl Q. West Rif.
Aratoon W. D. GAUSSEN, Capt High. L. I.
James G. V. GODDARD, Telegraphist R. N.
Leonard A. GRACE, L/Cpl R. W. Surrey Rgt
Andrew HAMILTON, Pte Lond. Scot.
Joseph HARWOOD, Pte R. W. Surrey Rgt
Percy W. A. HOWARD, Pte R. W. Surrey Rgt
Charles G. W. HUNTER, LT York L. I.
John A. IRELAN, Pte High. L. I.
Thomas LARBY, Pte E. Surrey Rgt
Robert A. LAWRENCE, Pte R. Marine L. I.
William F. LUNN, Pte R. W. Surrey Rgt
Jesse MARTIN, Pte R W Kent Rgt
Charles H. MERRIMAN, Lt Wilts. Rgt
William A. MIST, Pte Coldstream Guards
Richard De R. ROCHE, Cpl Q. West. Rgt
Arthur E. SAYERS, Pte 18th Hussars
Fredk C. SELOUS M.C. Capt. R. W. Sur. & R. F. C.
Fredk H. SELOUS, D.S.O. Capt 25th R. Fus.
Herbet SHERMAN, Pte 1/8 Lanc. Fus.
Arthur J. STEVENS, Cpl R. W. Surrey Rgt
Richard C. STEVENS, Pte R. G. A.
Frederick STONARD, Pte 1st Herts. Rgt
Percy THOMPSON, Pte 14th Lond. Scot.
Charles G. TRIMMER, Pte 1st Can. Mtd. Rif.
George TUCKER, L/Cpl 1st W Yorks. Rgt
Charles J. VENABLES, Maj Glos. Rgt
Frederick WEBB, Pte 2nd Leinster Rgt
Arthur WHITE, Pte 2nd Middlesex Rgt
John WILLIAMS, Pte Norfolk Rgt.
Robert WOOD, Pte 2nd Grenr. Guards

Also died but not on the War Memorial John Alfred Williams Pte Middlesex Rgt.