Muriel Rosina Draisey


Headstone on the left read "Hugh David DRAISEY 1905 - 1980. Thinking of you. And his wife Muriel Rosina DRAISEY 1905 - 1996 with love"

Replaced by stone on left which reads "Hugh and Muriel Draisey 1905 - 1980 1905 - 1996 And their daughter Mary Maynard 1947 - 2014 I'm everything I am because you love me"

10 November 1905 born in Ealing, MDX as Muriel Rosina Seymour parents Harry John Keynes/Rosina Seymour

1911 Census living at 26 Northfield Avenue, West Ealing, MDX with parents 

September quarter 1932 married Hugh David Draisey in Brentford Registration District

Lived at Barnslea, Chapel Road, Pirbright, SRY