Pirbright Poor Law 

The Pirbright Poor Law records were found in the church vestry in 2008 when a new vicar arrived in the parish. They are bound into a leather book, which has been deposited at Surrey History Centre and given the reference 8370/1.

The book plate states "this collection of Parochial Documents and Overseers' accounts, 1705-1859, found in the Chapel, in the old oak parish chest, which is mentioned in the church inventory, made on 26 August 1712, were restored March 1924, by Messrs. EYRE and SPOTTISWOODE, Ltd, his Majesty's printers, Binding Department, British Museum, as a gift to the parish from Lady STANLEY and Henry CURTIS, F.R.C.S. of Furze Hill, Pirbright."

Each page has been numbered (in pencil) and is the page number used in my index.


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