Mary Cawthorn

Headstone reads "In loving memory of George CAWTHORN born 8 March 1811 died 27 March 1898. Eliza Grace his wife born 23 May 1812 died 9 Dec 1873. George Page CAWTHORN born 30 April 1849 died 18 Jan 1925. Mary CAWTHORN born 3 March 1852 died 18 May 1940"

31 March 1852 baptised at St Mary Lewisham, KEN parents George/Eliza Grace Cawthorn

January 1885 moved to Pirbright from Lewisham, Kent according to her book "A History of Pirbright"

From 1885 her life was devoted to life in Pirbright; she kept a diary and researched many of the older buildings in the village. She used the Court Rolls and Census to find out the owners and tenants of most of the buildings. Many pages are devoted to the different occupations of the villagers; she used the Parish Registers and Trade Directories for this exercise. During her walks around the village she loved talking to the older members of the community and has jotted down many snippets of information gleaned in this way.

1911 Census living at Hatchers, Pirbright, SRY with brother and a servant




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